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    126: Hot Takes

    A mini-episode with a few hot takes on this year's Hottest 100

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    125: 2020 Vision

    A recap of the year and decade that were. Plus: a few important bits of housekeeping!

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    124: Mountain Culture

    We chat to DJ McCready of Katoomba's Mountain Culture Beer Co

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    123: Hopsters

    We chat with Byron Lotz from Sydney-based co-operative brewery, Hopsters

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    122: Loons

    On the back of Tom and Adrian's recent trip to Belgium, we discuss the current state of the Belgian beer scene

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    121: Orange Juice & Lemonade

    Brad recently went back home to the UK and he reports back on what the beer scene is like these days

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    120: World Domination

    A bunch of us catch up to talk about various world domination projects in the beer industry

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    118: Yulli's Brews

    We visited Alexandria brewery Yulli's Brews

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    117: Stupid Sexy Flanders

    It's a tale of two sours as we explore Flanders Red and Oud Bruin for Style Roulette

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    116: Wild Predictions

    With the dust having settled on another Hottest 100 Beers poll, listen as we make some correct and some incorrect predictions in a session recorded before the release of the results

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    115: Capital Brewing Co.

    Liam caught up with the Capital Brewing Co. crew to talk about their beer and their ethos

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    114: Low-key Christmas

    It's a low-key Christmas episode this year, with Adrian and Liam recapping the year in beer

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    Advent Calendar 2018: Day 1

    A blind tasting and discussion of beer(s) 1 from the 2018 Bucket Boys Advent Calendar

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    Advent Calendar 2018: Introduction

    We introduce a special bonus series of mini-episodes to follow along as you drink your 2018 Bucket Boys Advent Calendar

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    113: The Originator

    A Style Roulette breakdown of the equally complex and delicate Doppelbock

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    111: Bentspoke & Feral

    Brendan Varis of Feral and Richard Watkins of Bentspoke come by for a chat about the current state of the industry

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    110: Bucket Boys

    We chat (and chat and chat) to John from Bucket Boys

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    108: New South Ales

    MC from New South Ales and Crafty Pint joined us to discuss beery issues

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    106: Fever Dream

    Because we hadn't done one in a while, we caught up to discuss recent news items in the beer industry

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    105: Brew a Batch

    The gang from Batch join us to discuss Chris's newly-released homebrewing book as well as the latest goings on at the brewery

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    104: New England

    Ben and Carlo from New England Brewing Co talk about their brewery

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    103: Darker Days 2018

    A series of short interviews with several stall holders at this year's Darker Days festival, run by Bright Brewery

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    102: Mornington Peninsula

    Tim from Mornington Peninsula Brewery shares his origin story and talks about new and exciting goings on at the brewery

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    101: Lagunitas

    Dr Pat Mace from Lagunitas Brewing Company joins the podcast for an informal Q&A session

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    100: It's Been 84 Years

    It's our 100th episode! We drink loads of beer and reflect on the past five years of the podcast and how the beer industry has evolved

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    99: Independence Day

    We unpack a couple of big news items from recent weeks and their implications on the Australian beer industry

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    98: Simply the Best

    This edition of Style Roulette visits an old faithful, Best Bitter

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    97: Fixation

    Fixation Brewing Co's Tom Delmont chats to us about their hop obsession

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    95: Basement Brewhouse

    The Sessionable team sit down with Gareth and Tero from the Basement Brewhouse at the Bankstown Sports Club

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    93: Good News, Bad News

    Despite some bad news on the podcast's technology front, we plug on with a few pieces of good news from the Aussie beer industry

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    92: Hottest 100 Live! at the Royal Albert Hotel

    A panel discussion recorded live during the GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers poll with special guests Dave from Akasha, Doc from Doctor's Orders, Tim from SydneyBeer and Jackson from Wayward

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    90: Bridge Road Brewers

    Ben Kraus from Bridge Road talks about their Mayday Hills range

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    86: Witty Episode Title

    Style Roulette returns with Adrian and Tom discussing Belgian Witbier

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    84: Oktoberfest

    In the latest edition of Style Roulette, Adrian and Tom talk about the somewhat convoluted story of Oktoberfest beers

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    83: Cantillon Zwanze Day 2017

    Topher Boehm and Aaron Edwards join the gang during Cantillon Zwanze Day 2017 at Bitter Phew

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    81: Sailors Grave

    Chris Moore from Sailors Grave on making weird but balanced beers

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    80: Willie Smith's

    A chat with guest Sam Reid from Tasmanian cider producer, Willie Smith's

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    79: Going Out of Style

    Brad's back and the whole gang talks about style guidelines

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    77: Vintage Reschs Nouveau Chic

    Adrian, Liam, and Tom have a couple of beers and talk about some recent news and a couple of recent beer trips

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    76: Contractually Obliged

    Adrian and Liam discuss recent news, including the ACCC's decision on tap contracts

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    75: Thirsty Crow

    Adrian talks to Craig and Myles from Wagga Wagga's Thirsty Crow about the brewery's transition from small brewpub to larger venue, their expansion philosophy, and the origins of the infamous Hawaiian lava pizza and dumpling roulette

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    74: Bright Brewery Darker Days

    After an epic journey down from Sydney to Bright, we are welcomed by Bright Brewery marketing gun (and experienced podcaster) James Davidson who runs us through their Darker Days festival

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    73: Dark-ish Days

    Tom and Liam discuss recent news while "training" for the weekend's Darker Days festival

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    72: Capital

    Wade Hurley from Canberra's Capital Brewing Co. talks to us about the brewery and gives a hot tip on how a foreigner can cope with roundabouts

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    71: Creek & Cella

    Ben and Aaron from Creek & Cella talk to Tom about the Leichhardt venue's food and drink ethos

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    70: Post-GABS flu

    With weary heads and sore throats, we wrap up another year of GABS craziness

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    69: The Curse

    The crew discuss how suspiciously common it is that breweries we talk about are bought out by bigger breweries. Are we cursed?

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    67: Liam's work trip

    All of us are back to talk about Liam's recent "work" trip to the USA and other general beer topics

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    66: Pop Punk

    Tom and Adrian discuss some bits of Internet outrage involving such brands as Cooper's and Brewdog

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    64: Wildflower

    Topher from Wildflower talks to us about mixed fermentation and his plans for brewing and blending

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    62: Beer Education 101

    Neal Cameron and Dave Phillips from the Institute of Beer talk to us about beer education

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    61: Pod Pod

    It's a new year, which means new trends in the beer industry. We look at a few things we can expect in 2017.

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    60: A Craft-Conscious Christmas, pt. 2

    'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, a bunch of drunk guys talk about random beer-related shit. It's part 2 of our Christmas special!

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    58: Radelaide

    Adrian chats to Adelaide brewers from Little Bang and Wheaty Brewing Corps

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    57: Modern Curated Podcast

    Sydney Craft Beer Week wrap, beer in stadiums update, really bad acronyms, really terrible beer recommendations

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    55: Shawn's Fault

    The boys talk to Shawn Sherlock of FogHorn Brewhouse

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    54: Sports and Sponsorships

    The gang talk beer at sports stadiums, beer at festivals, and introduce Dave's Brewery Tours as our first sponsor

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    53: A show of support for CUB workers

    As a show of solidarity for fellow industry workers recently sacked by CUB we ask our listeners to consider the actions of beer companies before purchasing their beers. We also talk about recent beer-related trips from a few of the hosts.

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    51: Tom likes beer gimmicks so make more dessert beers for GABS 2017!

    Tom, Brad, and Liam get together to talk GABS and make fun of the absent Adrian (who is editing this episode, you fools!) They also get into a heated argument about beer gimmicks, discuss the importance of beers being in fresher condition than this episode (much fresher, ahem), and explain what BFR means.

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    48: Batch has no plans to get into the 'entertainment' industry

    Liam and Brad visit Andrew Fineran and Chris Sidwa from Batch Brewing and talk about the inner-west Sydney brewery's growth, uneven tax regimes, the hottest 100 beers poll results, and Brad's hobby of destroying rare beers.

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    46: Dave Padden may as well be a regular host

    With Akasha Brewing's shiny new brewhouse recently commencing operations in Five Dock, we pay professional podcast guest Dave Padden a visit at his new digs. We get a sneak peak of their cellar door, which will be opening on Friday, December 4th, as well as news on upcoming releases and other future plans.

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    45: Live! at Cammeray Craft

    The 2015 edition of our live episode, recorded at Cammeray Craft with special guests Doc from Doctor's Orders Brewing and Jack and Mick from Pirate Life, as well as a surprise international guest

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    44: Shameless plug for our SCBW event on Sunday 18 October

    We're doing a live episode of the podcast on Sunday the 18th of October as part of Sydney Craft Beer Week 2015 so we recorded a thinly-veiled plug of an episode where we discuss things vaguely related to beer. Mostly we just plug stuff. Did I mention we're doing a live episode of the podcast on Sunday the 18th of October as part of Sydney Craft Beer Week? I did? Oh, ok then.

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    43: Dude, do you even spoon?

    Finally taking a day off from behind the bar, Jason from Spooning Goats chats to us about what it's like to run a "70s acid den (in the nicest possible way)", how it has evolved, and its ethos. Warning: may contain references to craft beer, cocktails, pies, arcade games, Star Wars, and - of course - spoons and goats.

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    42: Wayward sons

    Pete and Shaun from Wayward Brewing Co host us at their flash new brewery in Sydney's inner-west featuring a dedicated eisbock tank and an old concrete wine fermenter that's being converted into a lounge where we recorded the episode. We discuss their brewing journeys, the secret Sunday session of GABS Sydney, and what's coming up in the very near future.

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    40: In Soviet Melbourne, Good Beer Week does YOU

    Brought on by a twitter discussion over which is Australia's best double IPA, we do a very ambitious blind tasting, to varying results. We also talk at length about Good Beer Week and GABS.

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    37: A Phew good men

    Aaron and Jay, two of the gents behind one of our favourite Sydney hangouts, Bitter Phew, join us for a chat about the bar. Jay also talks about the Copenhagen beer scene, including his own bar Fermentoren, upcoming brewery Dry & Bitter, and how to pronounce Nøgne Ø.

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    35: All about that beech (no micro)

    In honour of left shark, we offer delayed reactions to the Hottest 100 Aussie Beers poll. Tom also talks about his trip to the USA, and we discuss the controversial Budweiser ad aired during the Super Bowl.

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    34: Keg vs Bottle

    In our first episode of 2015 we explore the different nuances that come from the way beer is packaged. As an excuse to get Doc back on the show, we blind taste Doctor's Orders Brewing's Zephyr and Prescription 12 from both growler and his recently released bottles to see if we can tell which is which.

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    33: Don't be that guy (Holiday Special 2014)

    On this year's holiday special, we talk about what we plan to be drinking this summer and on Christmas day specifically. We also make a wishlist but don't bother checking it twice.

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    31: Live! at the Pumphouse

    A special live episode featuring Riverside's Dave Padden and Sixpoint's Shane Welch

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    29: Not to get too Positive

    In this episode, we complain about sexism, craft beer cliques, poor beer handling by venues, the importance of passionate staff, the overhyping of some beers and hipster beer fads

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    28: Birra del NOMAD (Part 2/2)

    We spoke with Leo and Brooks from NOMAD about their backgrounds, the challenges of opening a brewery on the other side of the world and their future plans at NOMAD.

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    27: Experience What? (NOMAD Part 1/2)

    This week we went up to NOMAD Brewery, and had a chat with Johnny and Kerry from Experience IT, the importer/distributor behind the brewery.

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    26: The Mind of Hendo

    This week's guest is Hendo, the mastermind behind BrewCult.

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    25: Jabberwocky

    Homebrewing is this week's topic as we are joined by Jez and Sam Fletcher, two thirds of homebrew outfit Jabberwock.

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    24: Stu Dreams of Pants

    In this jumbo-sized episode, Stu McKinlay from Yeastie Boys joins us for a chat about all things beer, music, and pants.

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    23: They don't all taste the same

    Following Adrian's recent holiday to the Philippines and Korea, we discuss several craft beer markets in Asia.

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    22: It's Not Easy Being Green

    Darren "Doc" Robinson of Doctor's Orders Brewing joins us as we try his new beer, Vaccine, a 100% Wheat Wasabi Porter. He also talks about his GABS 2014 beer, a few other upcoming beer projects, and shares a few bits of exciting news.

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    21: Royale with Cheese

    Leading up to our first birthday we catch up with Mick at the Royal Albert Hotel to talk tap takeovers, handpumps and dumplings.

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    20: Do a Barrel Roll

    We talk all things barrel ageing and drink some pretty interesting beers.

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    19: Looking for Mr Good Beer

    We finally ponder the question of what craft beer means and try to come up with a definition. Plus, some discussion on other general beer topics.

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    18: Sessionapple

    No, cider is not beer, but we (rather drunkenly) did a cider episode anyway. Don't worry, though, there is (kind of) a beer in the episode at the very end.

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    17: 4 Pines

    A special episode as we visit the 4 Pines brewery in Brookvale. Tom and Chris, two of the brewers, join us for a chat, and founding brewer Andrew pops in for a cameo. They talk shop, including a preview of their upcoming GABS 2014 beer and a teaser of a potential barrel aged release.

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    16: The Vance Joy of Beer

    To tie in with last month's Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers poll, we discuss our favourite Australian beers of 2013 in the form of a fantasy draft. We also give a quick run down of the poll's results.

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    13: Faro Out Man

    Pucker up for our Sour Beer episode!

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    11: It's a Trappist!

    We go on a belgian holiday, drinking and discussing some great belgian beer.

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    09: So Fresh & So Clean

    Is Fresh Best? We do some hard research in attempt to answer that very question.

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    08: Love is Blind

    This episode we all brought some beers, but didn't tell everyone else what they were.

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    07: Pleading Guilty

    We bring the beers (and not beers) that we love, even though we know we shouldn't

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    04: LIVE at Riverside

    Live at Riverside Brewery in Parramatta, Liam and Tom talk to Dave and Matt at the brewery

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    02: USA USA USA

    It's Toms 21st birthday, so we gave him his very first taste of American beers

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    01: Epiphanies

    Liam, Adrian & Tom discuss Beer Epiphanies, Beer Fashion, what they're drinking and offer some recommendations for what you should be drinking

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