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    84: Oktoberfest

    In the latest edition of Style Roulette, Adrian and Tom talk about the somewhat convoluted story of Oktoberfest beers

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    83: Cantillon Zwanze Day 2017

    Topher Boehm and Aaron Edwards join the gang during Cantillon Zwanze Day 2017 at Bitter Phew

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    81: Sailors Grave

    Chris Moore from Sailors Grave on making weird but balanced beers

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    80: Willie Smith's

    A chat with guest Sam Reid from Tasmanian cider producer, Willie Smith's

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    79: Going Out of Style

    Brad's back and the whole gang talks about style guidelines

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    77: Vintage Reschs Nouveau Chic

    Adrian, Liam, and Tom have a couple of beers and talk about some recent news and a couple of recent beer trips

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    76: Contractually Obliged

    Adrian and Liam discuss recent news, including the ACCC's decision on tap contracts

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