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It's the beer talking

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    108: New South Ales

    MC from New South Ales and Crafty Pint joined us to discuss beery issues

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    106: Fever Dream

    Because we hadn't done one in a while, we caught up to discuss recent news items in the beer industry

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    105: Brew a Batch

    The gang from Batch join us to discuss Chris's newly-released homebrewing book as well as the latest goings on at the brewery

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    104: New England

    Ben and Carlo from New England Brewing Co talk about their brewery

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    103: Darker Days 2018

    A series of short interviews with several stall holders at this year's Darker Days festival, run by Bright Brewery

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    102: Mornington Peninsula

    Tim from Mornington Peninsula Brewery shares his origin story and talks about new and exciting goings on at the brewery

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    101: Lagunitas

    Dr Pat Mace from Lagunitas Brewing Company joins the podcast for an informal Q&A session

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    100: It's Been 84 Years

    It's our 100th episode! We drink loads of beer and reflect on the past five years of the podcast and how the beer industry has evolved

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    99: Independence Day

    We unpack a couple of big news items from recent weeks and their implications on the Australian beer industry

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