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It's the beer talking

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    Advent Calendar 2018: Day 1

    A blind tasting and discussion of beer(s) 1 from the 2018 Bucket Boys Advent Calendar

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    Advent Calendar 2018: Introduction

    We introduce a special bonus series of mini-episodes to follow along as you drink your 2018 Bucket Boys Advent Calendar

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    113: The Originator

    A Style Roulette breakdown of the equally complex and delicate Doppelbock

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    111: Bentspoke & Feral

    Brendan Varis of Feral and Richard Watkins of Bentspoke come by for a chat about the current state of the industry

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    110: Bucket Boys

    We chat (and chat and chat) to John from Bucket Boys

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    108: New South Ales

    MC from New South Ales and Crafty Pint joined us to discuss beery issues

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    106: Fever Dream

    Because we hadn't done one in a while, we caught up to discuss recent news items in the beer industry

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